2011Years、Last exhibition

Daytime temperatures of Tokyo even if the Shiwasu is quite fall not、You can not feel the season progresses。
However,、I have walked the Shinjuku、When the Cock Fair of Hanazono Shrine ends、I finally feel Naa's year-end。
Next year it's the in the works currently shooting towards the first solo exhibition、We notice because there is also exhibited in this year。
The last of the exhibition this year、It will be the two places simultaneous holding of Kyoto and San Francisco。
In both of the New open gallery、Scale is not the big thing、, Please come see If you live near。

It was in the San Francisco CARTE BLANCHE GALLERY is、The work of high-resolution printing with Lightjet output、We are dealing with the edition number。Here Please also look for。

Ya view cones (gakaygimlet) http://gakeigimlet.org/

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