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Kodak phases out digital businesses, keeps film alive.

The British Journa of Photography

Kodak Co., Ltd. Press Release

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ariphoto 2014 vol.2


 Arimoto Shinya Exhibition “ariphoto 2014 vol.2
 2014.10.21(tue) – 11.2(sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

This exhibitionFollowing last year, We have constructed landscape and was shot in the village and Hinohara Okutama, a photograph of (insects almost) the creatures that live there.
Season wriggling insects us, take the train in the opposite direction to the Shinjuku from Kichijoji your home, Ashishigekukayou to mountainous areas the deep green.

Will be pre-sale during the exhibition at the gallery photo album was created to suit the exhibition "ariphoto selection vol.5".
I am soon to become every pace to sell out stacking issue. Please as soon as possible those who wish to purchase.

Powered: 297mm × 365mm Binding; Page 20
Price: 1,000 yen (limited to 500 copies)

Establishment of the Web shop is please wait a moment.

Nagoya visual arts summer camp


Osaka School of last yearContinue to, and the sister school this yearNagoya Visual ArtsAnd has been a guest participating in the summer camp.
It is the one that worked to photograph it with a further momentum from here, you want to reunite with works of you grown. I want to go to see the graduation exhibition if you have a chance.

Guest participation, senior photographer ZIGEN's

Lee suddenly starts ma ru overjoyed Conference

Bingo Sisters. Group, teachers of Nagoya University.

I will move the land car facility

Sawao kun Department length is junior Osaka School

Workshop ZIGEN's

Bingo Sisters?

This is the time of the photo criticism from the afternoon of the second day

Teacher of the student, Takashi Nakagawa teacher. Now is the length of the school Nagoya Visual Arts.

Head towards の three days

Shooting in the 4 × 5 camera for the first time

Was cheers for good work everyone. Thank you!

Of Gegege ...


Koganei, Tokyo Sakurai-cho


Summer Memories 2014


Statilia maculata


Fuchu, Tokyo Sengencho


Lucan maculifemoratus


Miyamakuwagata who was captured in the Takao midnight.
Such as the fact they are beetles are flying possible, albeit would have been well-known since childhood, but can not hide the surprise in its strangeness When we observe again a series of operations.
Yet between organisms living in this Tokyo, form also ecology also I'm too far from the human race.

Ome City, Tokyo two Minamata End


Actias artemis


With the advent rate stable, blue waters customers with beauty and docility stable. Also found that easy mimicry also halfway, since very conspicuous.
Unlimited shooting because hardly moves. I am indebted as a subject every time.


Hachioji, Tokyo Li Gao Mei-cho


Plestiodon japonicus