Kodak phases out digital businesses, keeps film alive.

The British Journa of Photography

Kodak Co., Ltd. Press Release

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Tokyo, Ting observatory


Because it is fundamentally Inaka-sha, and would think when it's amazing landscape even come.

Start your job


New Year you can eat zoni, watching Hakone Ekiden, it had been or go to Shinjuku to shoot in about ridicule, finally full-scale starting from today.
After performing meeting for the next exhibition at gallery, to pick up the photos that you select from a large amount of print, and Yuki framed one and all.
Exhibition For more information also will be announced in here.

Happy New Year New Year


Ozone 2015

Last year of your zoni, How can had been self-congratulation that it could well, and try to emergency post a picture, and I received your pointed out that poor smell from various quarters have missing vessel. So I had made a bowl this year. Incidentally Try also put something knife and decoration in carrots, also upgraded Medeta of. Have gotten delicious with the scent of citrus, it is the beginning of a good year.
Hatsumode is to usual Inokashira Benzaiten. While you dance the powder snow, we have been praying the 招福 of this year.
Then, beginning this also shooting at Shinjuku as usual. Perhaps because of the weather, I felt less is more turnout than usual.

2006Started from the time of year of the gallery open "ariphoto" also, the rush this blog this year to 10th year.
Both thank you about your relationship in the future.

Ozone 2014


Pay dumplings


In retaken care, toast this year last king dumplings.
Thank you again next year.

Goodbye iPhone


After the end of housecleaning, and the dust up the bridging became dusty in slammed into asphalt.
Firmly as dust can take, you slammed again and again. Again and again, strongly strongly ....
Jumpsuit became beautiful thanks. What? , The way, but seems to have entered something in your pocket? ?

Goodbye 2014


Year-end annual gallery housecleaning.
Participation this year number many, clean up of the staff room from cleaning arrangement of underfloor storage, work until the painting of Kabeyuka was expedite.
Year-end party sprinkled also members Minna and volunteer students after the end. Everyone was hardship like, I can be performed comfortably exhibition next year in this.

Empty Shiwasu


In shopping the fixtures of housecleaning gallery, until Shimachu of Nakano.
From the roof of the parking lot, and sub-center to the other side of the air clear of winter. Every year, I feel to see this landscape and the end of the year.
TPPG terminates all the exhibition of the year in this Sunday, you will the New Year holiday.
CurrentlyOkubo Megumishashin Exhibition "flowing through the outside"And being held to. Exhibition as a member of Okubo will this be the last. So miss cry.
It should be noted that the 2015 January 13 than (fire),Cytec pa ji ョ nn Hikaru photo exhibition "With write vol.9"In I will open the curtain.

Larvae of Sphingidae


Callambulyx tatarinovii gabyae


Silver Today


November issue of Japan camera magazine, we reprint an article that was published in the column of the silver salt Today.
The Past and Present of miscellaneous thoughts about darkroom work.

Decide the time, in order to efficiently darkroom work

But recent years, it has become rare to be used in the original Again familiar space applications.

LUCKY 450M-D of the screen right for use in Zenshi print for exhibition.

At my exhibition


偽Tokyo Camera Style


Left: My X100S BLACK Limited Edition
Right: Ng Hong Kei's X100S

Her tumblr
Her exhibition at TPPG
At her exhibition