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Kodak phases out digital businesses, keeps film alive.

The British Journa of Photography

Kodak Co., Ltd. Press Release

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By Rolleiflex




It remains to be staring at one point of the air, the person, or to check the time or toying mobile to doers from standing at attention, line-of-sight without even leave your body alone and Mashiro, on the wall in the crowd of Shinjuku
The photo is a chance, or asked to take a picture of you and to meet once in a while, it began to exchange words about the situation and thought of sometimes.

Full yesterday in a cherry.

2009Year winter, when we met for the first time.

Yagawa green


To see the cherry blossoms in Tachikawa in during the day. It was a clear and sunny on behalf of selling from the day before yesterday.
Some of a sunny day, a good expression of each in a sunny day also, on a rainy day on the day of rain.

Spoil the fun


Landscape that is appealing than the cherry tree in full bloom.

His hips


This is my favorite good hips too!

Her hips

Her hips


This is my favorite good hips!

Her Tail

New wall


It was we rest of two weeks, but from tomorrowTPPGI will resume exhibition.
"Before disappearing" Mami Kikuchi Photo ExhibitionFrom 12:00 tomorrow, it will be held until 19:00 on Sunday, March 30th is. We are looking forward to meeting everyone in the gallery all day author.
I tried on display works only one piece immediately to the wall that was newly built in the entrance space. Please come see this place together.



Artist Jin Hanamame of my friend who had held an exhibition at the Photons Art Gallery in Asakusabashi.

偽 Tokyo Camera Style


Photographer Keiko Nomura

Tokyo Camera Style

It’s Karaoke Time!


Zhu Yu graduate! Mr. Shunji one hundred 々


Day after the graduation ceremony of Tokyo Visual Arts, as the title, I went to the graduation ceremony of Shunji Dodo teacher to be bowing out the job of school principal of Visual Arts in Osaka this year full.

But is said to hesitate jobs of school principals, activities Dodo Shunji photographer increasingly strong.

Negotiations that met the mind comrades for many years, Takashi Nakagawa teacher (currently Nagoya visual arts school principal).

Borsalino gifts from participants, and squid. Even more powerful.

Hot hug and bouquet presentation of graduates from the last.

I have participated to tertiary Society course. <Subsequent

I wish graduate! 2014


It has turned out graduates who will become the 13th of photo school today.

In any case, congratulations graduation!