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Kodak phases out digital businesses, keeps film alive.

The British Journa of Photography

Kodak Co., Ltd. Press Release

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Until the day to become a photo all Tazuko Masuyama


Photo exhibition that was convinced to be long and completely missed "Until the day to become a photo all Tazuko MasuyamaI learned that due to a significant extension session, "that it is still possible viewing. So for the limit of today. "IZU PHOTO MUSEUMUp ".

The exhibition July 27 this weekend(Japan)Up, it is held the 3rd remaining. Right or wrong not yet realized!

Small House


Narrow room. Various limit something more. I want to move, but there are not Sakidatsumono.

CVX Color Viewing Station


Equipment to be used when various calibration and print checks, and spotting work. SEAL Masterpiece 500T-XLike ", I do not put far from home as well this equipment.



From our junior and fellow photographer, I had hosted at the home of Maeiwai birthday of 43rd Thankfully this year.

The lecture of the seminar today in dawn.

Thank you everyone!

ZENZANON PS110/4.5 Macro (1:1)


I have in view of the attempt to the main shooting insects in the mountainous areas in Tokyo this summer, but one of the problems from last year Choice of lens and camera. Given the only close-up performanceRZ67 intermediate ring macro lensIn it he had taken, but the waste enters the film shooting in trimming premise, and was allowed to struggle in its maneuverability and weight. (1:1)"Commonly known as" magnification Zenzanon ".

Movies »of last year ariphoto2013 vol.3

We Osaka Exhibition end.


Exhibition in Osaka was to finish I have the other day.
It became two consecutive years, the exhibition at the same gallery, but it was also the experimental attempt that exhibited in the same space a series of mountainous areas and a series of urban Tokyo this time. & 兒嶌's Darkroom Lime Light representative, you regulars, thank you!

Gallery & Darkroom Lime Light


The 4th middle, I went to Osaka again from Osaka bound for the last time. Gallery & Darkroom Lime Lightは展覧会初日が日曜日なので、たくさんの人が来てくれる。毎日の在廊は叶わないので、せめて初日だけでも終日在廊して接客したいのです。前年同様、今年もオープンした直後からひっきりなしに来場者がありました。みなさんホントじっくりと作品と対峙してくれるし、展示作品と共に持参した五冊のポートフォリオにもしっかりと目を通してくれる。充実した時間の過ぎるのは早いもの、話が弾んでいるうちにあっという間に閉廊時間となりました。ご来場頂いたみなさん、本当にありがとうございます。画像はギャラリーオーナー兒嶌さんの愛車“Welby issueMayumi regular cat with ".

I hold to Saturday June 21 exhibition. In addition, closed on Wednesday the day after tomorrow, 18 on the last day:00Because it is in the open corridor to, please be careful on the occasion of your visit.

Tokyo Debugger, Shinjuku / Okutama


Last yearFollowing the, during the 21 days 15 - June June, Gallery of Osaka & Will hold a solo exhibition at the Darkroom Lime Light.
Will be exhibited in the space of each 1F, of 2F work and wide-angle snap in Shinjuku were taken from changing the camera in 2011 and later from "ariphoto" series, a series of insects of Okutama are working than in 2010 this time

Gallery & Darkroom Lime Light

Osaka's night


Monthly Osaka PhotoOfSymposiumOrder to participate in, I went to Osaka in one night the 2nd.
It was a symposium scheduled for two and a half hours a lot this time, but there is a thought that extraordinary in the portrait photograph in I also Oniumi's time is not enough at all when I open the lid emergency.
It's not always clear up the anger, but in the drinking of the launch, together with a Saeki's travelers and wind Dodo teacher who had rushed, bloom in the photo lecture as usual.

With fear a little, very kind, it is adults who really cool.



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To Kasukabe, I went to field trip to a metropolitan area outer fence flood control channel and a transit train from Tokyo.