Under The Spell of Portraits


We will participate as a panelist in the symposium "magic of the portrait" to be held as a related project of Osaka Month of Photography 2014。
Your opponent of talk show、Hiroh Kikai's large senior photographer。As the title、Port, but rate is that the theme of the symposium、Since also the first time to talk with Oniumi's in public、Also looking forward from now to either myself become what story。We look forward to the participation of many people in the photo exhibition both of the interlocking planning。Here's some more details。

When the reminder open day:2014On June 8,.(Day)14:00~ 16:30(Receptionist start 13.:30)
Venue:Visual Arts College Osaka new building third floor Arts Hall Yubinbango530-0002 Kita-ku, Osaka Sonezakishinchi 2-5-23
Lecturer:Hiroh Kikai(Photos home)、有元伸也(Photos home)、Takazawakenji (photo critic)
Registration:E-mail or postcard who wish to participate in as soon as possible、Please apply until the month the secretariat by FAX。Participation on the day is also possible, but there are times when there is no seat。

"Magic of the portrait" interlocking planning Photo Exhibition。
Exhibitors writer:Hiroh Kikai、有元伸也
Venue:Visual Arts Gallery (Yubinbango530-0002 Kita-ku, Osaka Sonezakishinchi 2-5-23)
During the show:2014On June 1st.(Day)~ 7 days(Soil)10:00~ 19:00(SAT, 17.:00Until the)

Osaka photo month 2014
Symposium 2014 magical power of the portrait

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