Until all child masuyama tazu photo day


Photo exhibition was convinced that it was missed for a long time "Until all child masuyama tazu photo day"It is a significant session extended、Still I know that it is possible viewing。So today straight "IZU PHOTO MUSEUM"Until。
It is a precious opportunity、Although he was not plotting and trying to also enjoy such as nature and seafood of Izu Peninsula also serves as a small travel、It became a Yangotonaki reason there suddenly dragonfly return of the forced march。Stay time for the movement of the reciprocating 8 hours is only just 1 hour。No gourmet Without even tourism。I will have been to look at one of the exhibition at the all-day, but、It seems that it was good at it in reverse。It was only in the can concentrate carefully to see the photos、Because it was possible to sufficiently ruminant its contents, such as during movement of return。Be seen anyway was the exhibition seems that it was really good to come true。
It collection of photos that owns the "Tokuyama-mura all records" is through the many times th、Supposed to be well-known also for there are things that welling hot to exceptional forces have kind with the photos every time to turn the page。The exceptional and still looking at that volume in the wall of the museum。It was also a little fade and old、In the service version of the small print、Looking at the crystal of the condensed light and time and events。In the eyes of the camera grandma、Even scenery who did not appear cloudy with tears、It is reflected firmly in photos。Some wonder, but is that acquaintance Without land of if from me、It does not say only thank you。Only a Thank you for leaving in the photo。

Weekend 7/27 exhibition(Day)Until the、It is held for the remaining 3 days。If unseen by all means!

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