Hakata night、Night in Kyoto





Photography work to Hakata、After that exhibition arrangement and carrying out work in Kyoto.、NARA、It has been pilgrimage and Osaka。
First Day、Photography work in Hakata。That night savor Motu pot and horse sashimi and shochu。
After finishing the next morning additional shooting、Movement alone bullet train to Kyoto。I will after a long time to stop at home per night、Furthermore, the next day moved to Nara。
Among the scorching sun of the intense heat Date、Ten while exploring the Nara-cho neighborhood of a few years to Nara City Museum of Photography。In the museum in held a "black-and-white snapshot of charm"、This exhibition also is one of the purposes。Timeless snapshot of Kondo-san、Also photos of the shower 740 sheets of Abe teacher、Overwhelmed by the large waterfall group photo。While looking at the wall、Carry out a meeting about has been my mentor Shunji Dodo teacher and next year exhibition became the director of the museum from the current fiscal year。Position is Kaware etc.、Hot-blooded attitude in all directions as usual、Admire competent in all fields of our work the first time。Future co-Thank you for your help。
After becoming the feast lunch Dodo teacher、It moved to Osaka。Performing a carry-out work of the exhibition in the Umeda Tsutaya bookstore that ended in until the other day。Everyone was to see if during the exhibition、Everyone who participated in the talk show、Thank you for。
And camera equipment of photography work、Safely bellflower boarded the bullet train along with the work of carrying out the Summa paper。It was finely efficiently move was three days of enhancement。

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