There is white walls during the photo exhibition and photo exhibition

Ended today also founder WS selection exhibition that took place over a four-week。
It was Awatadashika' also loading and unloading of every other week、But it was also very occurred various troubles from the fighting spirit of her first solo exhibition、
Exhibition of four people four like、Also enjoy slideshow。
Everyone in that exhibition、Taking advantage of this experience、I think I want to go tied to such as the following exhibitions and photo album creating。
And、I hope you me come back increases。
Also expected on the day to do "photo" together!

Kangaibukaku become free time without any、It carried into the next exhibition tomorrow。
We offer an event Ishizuka MotoTara photo exhibition even "WWWWW"。

11May 07 (fire) 18:00More Opening Party
11May 12 (day) 17:00Acoustic live by the band "DOES" more original Tara is in charge of the shooting
11May 19 (day) 17:00Talk show by inviting a more photographer Katsumi Omori

Both free admission、In Flat come to play because it is no capacity。

I wonder if this wall is happens to?

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