Instructors work at the school in the morning。Mail check to get up early。
then、Notice that hit the number of this blog has become unnaturally many。
I found as soon as follow the link。14For the articles of the day、It had gotten pretty harsh comments from certain blogs。
Because it is polite to put a link、It seems many have come to see from there。

Along with the feel that no kind of fear you feel once yet、It is still too unaware yourself、To Mosei the fact that he had entered the unknown world。

Much trouble、Think。

In the first place the time of their own has me for a photo at this blog、The fact that the same emotion as the articles of the foregoing itself has given to an unspecified number of people。
For the photos and articles that have been published here、We could not have had a consciousness, such as published in other media。
The had gotten diminished to "feel free and convenient tool" is、It seems was unaware of my own。

web debut three months、Reaffirm those things。
Though very selfish、Also I ask you for a professor from now。Seniors!

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    Enough to make people angry、Is the envy of Tteyuu there is an impact on speech。It is why it is what firmly criticism with such force。Mon Nante blog、It is a lot of people who say complain when angry、Say said that! Praise Nante because I do not have so much people when I。I was I thought I "Mr. Arimoto said that good!"。
    Chaimashou blow Nante superficial of public opinion。
    ※ so I do not bother with my remarks privately Comments (laughs)

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    Because there was a blog in there、Could that such remarks。It can not be said probably face-to-face。And do you have Tsu web photographer。People who are announced you think that I do not think so。Because there is the cues。I want you to know there。

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    Passing Mr.、thank you for your comment。Although I was allowed to apologize in the most recent comments。Please let me very seriously as valuable opinion。

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    mujina customers、web cute Somerset、thank you for your comment。
    However,、Since it is unwilling to this blog it would be toward a slander against individuals other than me、I was allowed to remove the selfishness comment。
    Also、It would be appreciated comment in a different form。

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