Barley tea 1.5 l

But was a "heat wave date" the title in recent diary、Exactly today is Tokyo's first heat wave Date。

Although it says that fool like every day hot、Say still and still hot。
Lunch is a Big Mac、Barley tea companion shooting "Ito En"。The shutter speed is 1/500、Aperture 16。
Overhaul the RolleiFlex shutter of make a clever sound as "Chat"。
STAB have Ni ro ー 7。

Day after dark 1 / 60s、When we got off to a f2.8、To receive a positive of the work that was taken recently to Shinjuku Gyoen front of the HCL。
The positive check and go home。Then the RC print of trafficking in a dark room、For printing that give to the person who I was allowed to shoot in the city。It has a baryta。
And right now in the washing with water。

"Ariphoto2007 vol.3" is from 21 days of Bon-Fitr。Also will go to the shooting tomorrow。

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