' Not Memorial Day defeat Memorial Day! 」

I met the grandfather(Said authority soldier's war)There was emphasized。
Its about the differences of nuance difficult to understand for me now、Broken the young people of the bone twenty-year-old decent (age of about my pupils in the photo school) from the <war>、It is interpreting the thing scatter meat。
Somewhere In the still of the world、But I wonder such a thing has been repeated、I do not want to see such a thing。
Just、I do not want to have is a indifferent。

今日の新宿は39℃まで気温が上がりました。(Thermometer of Daikin air conditioning)
628/15 of years ago so it was hot?

Following the last year,、Koizumi-san seems to have to Yasukuni Shrine。
I'm alone、Together in prayer。

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