From morning shooting work to Hakone、Unfortunately the rain pattern。
Proceed with the shooting while Kabai so that the camera is not wet。Take shelter in the car when the rain becomes violently。
Landscape seen from the air-tight in the shelter lacks reality、In loss of skin sensation。
Compared with the outside of moisture、Whether it has a whopping tasteless Drying of the glass one sheet separated was this space。Dream also a current。

Thick fog was blocking the view exceeds the pass。Overlooking the around down from the car。Yuku disappear one road that extends from the feet has been swallowed up in the fog。Looking through the viewfinder wrapped in particles of water floating in the air。
It is pure white。
In the center of the viewfinder、Faint small black 沁 appeared。
The 沁 gradually increases、Eye focus、To reveal the contours。

That is a what! ?

that is、It Toshiyuki Nishida which runs carrying a Sayuri Yoshinaga of kimono!


The original story of the meaning of unknown delusion、Snow mountain railway is the stage "Station of heaven"Is one of my favorite movies。

That aside、Successfully shooting has finished and rain the darkness date was shines。It is a rain man。

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