Antoine d & # 8217s; Agata

View Antoine d'Agata "SITUATIONS" at RAT HOLE GALLERY。

Himself came to Omori's opening party in the last year of LOTUS ROOT GALLERY and although he was greeted、Shame at that time did not know Mr. name and photo。While I was seeing the photo of Mr. listed in the catalog of Magnum at that time、Score was it also did not feel There is also a collection that was less。

What about it。While down the stairs leading to the venue、Overwhelmed by the number of photos that look through the glass。
Enter the venue、240Slowly through the eyes to work one by one of the point。Any photographs terribly looming powerfully。
Overlooking the whole taking then the distance。Far from the power of the photo decline、Whale in the eye by a bundle。
Beautiful grotesque、Sense of seeing something like Do not look。
Also try to try to divert the eye、Not be able to escape from the world and which has been the first time。

But stale and the words、It was anyway a great photo exhibition。
The world is wide。I'm there are still great photographer。

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