All the new Tanaka isson

Today Yuku to see the "Tanaka One Village One A New full picture" to the Chiba City Museum of Art。
Sometimes NHK Sunday Museum of Art "Tanaka One Village One Amami shadow" has been re-broadcast the other day、There is also also the fact that consecutive holidays the last day of、Museum of Art was the turnout, such as a festival。A little regret as "The Naa had come to the great day."。
But also became worried that decent work appreciation can、If you ask say from conclusion、Totally groundless!
No matter how busy venue、Beyond the One Village of work there in the crowd of people is shine abiding。
But I'm going to have a look at the various exhibition、Force with the One Village One of the work is by far the。Other visitor also well understood that have been overwhelmed。And the audience of the hot air is looking at the side、Appearance of the side of the work seen had been filled in the hall together。
Appreciation、Stop pores was left open。

Speaking of One Village One、Clean break was not observed in the central art world、Although it is often introduced in the context of misfortune of genius painter who emigrated to Amami in despair、Such a feeling can not receive as long as they only see the work。
Will be how not be referred to as a "child prodigy", "genius" as long Certainly in the old 8-year-old show that such skills、But from the exhibition works to reform the work of over the life itself、Seen profile of did not quit to pursue "human effort" is。
Of course it was forced to drop out of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music、Although such as the defeat of an insulating or public exhibition of the supporters would was a shocking event also for the One Village One、Believe in yourself without having to rot to such a thing、A new style、Continue to always pursue a new motif、Has arrived in Amami As can be derived in the。
And precisely because placed a central art world and the distance、It probably was able to pursue the One Village One own work world to the dictates of his own heart。
It is an indication of a clear intention of the One Village One、Or "because it is about herself of misfortune," "because it is popular writer," or、Never tied to such words、It is a figure of one person happy of "Wekaki"。
We were able to confront the appearance of truth of such a One Village、It was supremely happy time。

"I was able to continue to draw a picture to the final of life。Thanks not be exhaustive in words。Thank you very much。」

Tanaka isson
(Celebrating its own seventy years of age、From the letter that accompanied the picture that gave the acquaintance is his many years of understanding person)

Exhibition is held until September 26 at the Chiba City Museum of Art (day)。

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