Photographic paper is

To print this exhibition、One and buy the paper to go to camera retailer。
It's looking a voucher of photographic paper to the checkout counter in the hands of。Without placing the photographic paper in the shop for some reason at this store、It has become the system to bring the goods from the back yard。Thanks to this system、Although it would be every time incongruous corresponding。
Also it does not leak to Gotabun this time、10 minutes to wait。I wonder are you talking to pick up exactly to where。View diligently and finally printing paper clerk brought and、Deep scratches came in on the package。
Would this happens when content is worried。And convey to that effect、Clerk's do this word。

"Will check the contents or and unsealed? 」

This blurring、Tsukkomi difficulty。
Professional darkroom-related goods store that you can buy with confidence is where I want to close。

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    Although we do a color print in tomorrow company、When good school I thought that I should hear more properly during class ... it is a reflection
    Color semi want to hear again

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    Since the current fiscal year is doing color seminar from 18 o'clock on Thursday、Come to hear anything。It is Okkei even Wednesday afternoon。

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    4×5When I bought the film in FreeStyle、It has been opened at Narita customs procedures。On the phone、Was said to please make sure it really useless。Because the reason I opened is was written with the film、That's right I thought it was DVD of the movie。

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    > Professional darkroom-related goods store that you can buy with confidence is where I want to close。
    I will still of such do not sell to the constant。Not even one store in Tokyo had been thought for a long time and I wonder why that's ...。I think that it has become Truly care if there if。

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    heliograph customers
    thank you for your comment。4×5感光とは災難でしたね。Will a Gojisei the presence of things can not go is not to be understood is never seen。Even in the wastepaper film、And we will look at the emulsion surface will likely stop the heart。

    But it was printed in the paper you have purchased the other day、There was no particular deficiencies。It is relieved。

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