Holidays! Rieko phlegm!

I think it is better most of it's already know、Eiko Shitasono's friends 36thKimura IHEI Memorial Photography AwardIt was won。

Also before her encounter with the ten years。Her at that time was still a teen photo student。I remember clearly a shock when I first saw the photos even now。
It is arranged a thousand words, but beyond description is the feeling of that time、Along with the intense jealousy of as a person to take a photo、Placed beside the photos were those that were driven by the desire to looking at forever。

A few years later、Spent a lot of time with Tokyo was her、Was a lot of talk。Story of among the dream、Story of God、Story of the photo。
And every time you attend to her creative scene in the sharing of time、One of the fear that crosses the head。
"this person is、The is or not will die anyway? "
Enough to with thought such a thing、In desperation, not able to mimic、Life was devoted to the creation, as if cut her。

Of course now、Also not supposed to happen mystery lame jealousy against her award。
Even more than winning with honor、Live now is Ekotan、Happy more than anything is that you are with a smile。

Exhibition in TPPG
Actually this picture also

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