Paris 2017_4

paris Gourmet: In only round-trip of the exhibition hall and the hotel is in front twice in Paris stay、

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Paris 2017_1

Opening: After a week of stay、The other day I returned home from Paris。Atofe overseas

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Paris 2016_4

paris Photo: Par you want to try by all means experience If you came of this time in Paris

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Paris 2016_2

Polycopies: Stay the second day Atobu is to be held in the ship floating on the Seine river

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New World of the night

For standing corridor of the loading work and the first day of the exhibition、I had to go to Osaka in one night two days。Gallery O

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Midday moth

There are Element Shinya Photo Exhibition "true day の moth" November 20, 2016 (Japan) - November 26 (Sat) @

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