Taipei 2017_4

Food Taipei: Digress、Gastronomy Speaking of Taipei。This was also part of the fun of this trip。Ph

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Finally the end is also this year's class of photo school。One is the end of the seminar、Takao annual every year in the biennial joint

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20170223 Wai Wai World

In the tavern of Sanchome、It has been piled while viewing photos。Everyone giving me your participation

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Ozoni 2017

Or past the New Year this year thank you New Year first three days of a new year

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Paris 2016_4

paris Photo: Par you want to try by all means experience If you came of this time in Paris

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Paris 2016_2

Polycopies: Stay the second day Atobu is to be held in the ship floating on the Seine river

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