Taipei 2017_1

Lightbox: I returned from Taiwan last night。First event in Taiwan for me

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20170223 Wai Wai World

In the tavern of Sanchome、It has been piled while viewing photos。Everyone giving me your participation

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Osaka at night

Lecture at his alma mater for、I went to Osaka in the night 二日。 -2、Once every three years to summer camp

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Talk show in Nara vol.2

Todai-ji Temple February heralds the coming of spring in ancient temple Omizutori also finished.、Wakakusa was found March 1.

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Talk show ended

Plum rice Tsutaya has held exhibits in the bookstore on talk show ended。For visiting

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My alma mater

Tokyo hot away.、Ichiro is the Japan Sea to Tajima。Our alma mater、Osaka Visual Arts summer camp

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