Osaka at night


Osaka photography monthlyOfSymposiumIn order to participate in the、I went to Osaka in the night 二日。
This time it was a symposium of the full schedule of two hours and a half、There are extraordinary feelings are also portraits in my Oniumi Mr.、Is no time at all was not enough and emergency try to open the lid。It has become a trot of the slide talk with examples twisters。Since the scheduled time has gone by over、It is regrettable that the time for questions and answers did not take。
It does not mean that dispel the anger、In the drinking of launch、Together with such Saeki's rushed gotten was Dodo teacher and wind of travelers、Flowers bloom as usual photographic lecture。After drinking the end I was also exhausted talking to Oniumi san and Takazawa's and night the middle of the night in the hotel room。

A little scary、Very gently、Best is cool adults。

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