Silver salt Today


11 issue of journal of Japan camera、We will reprint the articles published in the column named silver salt Today。
Thoughts about the darkroom work, past and present。

Time to decide、For the darkroom work efficiently

Since for the first time alone in a studio apartment in Kyoto、NARA、Osaka、And Tokyo、Have been repeating the move several times、Always had a dark room in the middle of the room。When deciding which property、The first image to is where you the amithaba enlarger。Placing the desk followed by lining up the butt、To secure the line to the staff。And little of carrying household belongings put is void and the darkroom in the room rather than worthy of saying "live in the darkroom.。More than 20 years between the、Drink, eat dinner on the deck of the enlarger、Will have fuketari to read a book。Overnight the darkroom work、It was often felt the morning arrival in dim light slightly leaking from between the black-out curtains。
But recent years、Use this habitual space's intended use became rare。Almost no such thing to work in the night。If the print qual tea to top priority、That should be the efficient working、Over the years and have learned from the mountain kept making bots print from。As with darkroom photography school recently taught a private、You're regularly。Now、Next time making prints for exhibition。

LUCKY 450M-D of the right of the screen is for use with all prints for exhibition。Is the sink in an anechoic chamber with bat in all six.、Water from the developer、To dry efficiently。Associated roles prints on the wall projection。

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