Happy new year happy new year

ozoni2015Ozoni 2015

Last year of your Zoni、It was self-congratulation was able well but、And try to emergency post image、We received your pointed out that poverty smell lacked vessel from various quarters。It had made the vessel So this year。Incidentally try to also put something knife decoration in carrots、Medeta is also upgraded。It has gotten delicious along with the scent of Yuzu、It is the beginning of a good year。
New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine is to always Inokashira Benzaiten。Among the dances of powder snow、I have choice and a 招福 of this year。
after that、It also started shooting at Shinjuku as usual。Perhaps because of the weather、I felt even less is turnout than usual。

2006Was started from the time of year of the gallery open "ariphoto" also、This blog also entered the 10 years this year。
Thank you about your relationship in the future。

Ozoni 2014


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