Awa nights



Probably the first time in 20 years、I came to Tokushima shooting work。
It was in also taking job of previously visited Speaking。When I was a fledgling paper off that began to take your job photos、Now it landed has been rocked by defunct Tokushima Hanshin ferry to Komatsushimako。At the time of the equipment is PC-Nikkor 28mm to F4 of NIKON 、Tripod and film of Husky PROVIA100。At the request of certain jobs magazine、Photographing subjects it was a store appearance of the "king of dumplings"。In the evening、I remember were taken to be dramatic over LB filter。Of course do not forget to bracketing in 1/3 increments。Another 20 years later。Although the years are passing away equipment advances have been made、I what you are doing is not much different now。

The first time food was Tokushima ramen this time、Amakarai soup, such as a broth of roasted pork。In quite darker taste、It was a little Kudoka' the Kansai people of the tongue of soup fragrant bland taste。Udon was eaten at noon of the next day was pretty sweet。

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