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8I came years ago from Niigata、Began living alone in suburban Tokyo。
As he walked around the Town Green、In residential areas and high buildings Tabata disproportionate appears out of the blue。It is a landscape far from images I had vaguely in the Kanto、Emerging housing lined neatly in retrospect。And the farmers who listen to、Say that Tabata is secured by the opposition when the land development where。I felt there decline with development in this country clearly is expressed as。
Spread of ever-changing concrete and green city。In the train, returning home。Will see what a dream today。

Igarashi shouhei / Shohei Ikarashi
1989Born in Niigata Prefecture
2015Graduated from the Department of photography, in Tokyo Visual Arts

Last year、From the next 2 weeks in a series of solo exhibitionsTPGWill be held at the。First of all, 3/17 (Tuesday)-let me introduce the exhibition 50 storm sho held flat at 3/22 (Sunday) dates。

Yamamoto Kei-ichi-Kun exhibition held last yearAnd as well as、4X shoot with 5-inch camera and color negative film。Of course the print by the author of manual operation type C。While many photographers are shifting to digital cameras、In the production approach takes time and money、I bow while he is。But of course、What is important is not itself、He comes into view through the sight.。Go out into the suburbs of Tokyo has set his theme evening、Here and faced the scene, place the tripod。And because the shutter down in a series of actions in、Is he trying to stand up.。The one town on the rise and decline、And continue from this change、Without leaving the capture and Bill Frisell。Many people want to visit.。

By the way "Although Rashi" not read "mustard"。
Period in author in Gallery and we are so、I hope you'll let the honest opinions。

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