Tokyo Debugger @Osaka Nikon Salon


Last month、Ginza photo was held at the Nikon Salon Exhibition "Tokyo Debugger" for carrying the work of the traveling exhibition of、I went to Osaka in the day。
いつも通りの20×24インチのフレームだけなら難なく搬入できるのだが、Since this time, which is also pin-up of the huge roll print、Quite a difficult task in one person。It was was asked to support the Kai-kun of TPPG members even at the time of loading of the Tokyo Exhibition。If you are calling on a strong backer also Therefore, in Osaka。The past few years、And you are allowed to exhibit "Gallery & 兒嶌's owner of Darkroom Limelight "gave me rushed to help。Expected, gallerists、Carry work forte。Was set-up completed earlier than the scheduled time Thanks。兒嶌's、Thank you very much!

The exhibition will be one week held until 15 o'clock tomorrow 22 to October 28 (Wed.) in Osaka Nikon Salon。This opportunity your perusal please the people of the Kansai area resident。

Reviews of "Gallery & Darkroom Limelight "who is also November 15 (Sunday) will be exhibited at the session of November 28 (Saturday)。We thank you together!

Osaka Nikon Salon
Gallery & Darkroom Limelight

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