Photo Exhibition ends.


Thank you today with this photo exhibition "ariphoto2015 vol.2' Is no longer。All dates in our booth、Our us pledge、Everyone that the new photo book and original print I received your purchase、Thank you for。

Series called "ariphoto" is、Than 10 years ago that opened the gallery、Although it has been held regularly as a new exhibition of down to take every time、This exhibition was often reflection point。Although I tight production period every time、This time overlap exhibition in Ginza Nikon Salon during that period、Preparation and carrying、Taking about a month in such as the gallery has had stagnated。While this does not is something excuse because the schedule decided on their own、It can not be denied that has become a sloppy exhibition than usual。These reflection points are firmly bear in mind、Must be Yuka always making the next time。

Anyway、Mitsuru 10-year-old gallery also ariphoto in January next year! And later we will try a more challenging activities。Never so as not to inertia。

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