Happy New Year! 2016


2015Year's beginning solo exhibition in Niigata sand dune hotel、Group exhibition in Goa India、Ya exhibition at Umeda Tsutaya in bookstores、Gallery&Darkroom LimeLight 、And Ginza and Osaka Nikon Salon, etc.、Exhibition other than TPPG there were many。And start from the exhibition are local Nara this year。It ushered in Taikichi Irie Memorial Nara City Museum of Photography。
The total length of 100 meters close a wall、200Expand the work of more than a point。Series also Tibet and Tokyo、8×10作品やカラー作品まで多岐にわたり、It will be the largest exhibition of any in the career up to now。Held period is also long、During the session we also talk show of invited guest。
In progress this year-end and New Year holidays also steadily exhibition preparation。Is I would like your visit to many people in the Akatsuki held。
Please ariphoto thank you again this year!

有元伸也Photo exhibition ' Tibet grassland – On the streets of Tokyo.

· Session:2016On February 6 (soil) ~ March 27 (Day)
· Hours:9:30~ 17:00(Admission is closed 30 minutes before)
· Closed Day:Monday (opened on March 21, 2008)、2January 12、3-22
· Admission fees:General 500 yen Tertiary Level students 200 yen elementary and junior high school students 100 yen
- During the exhibition will be held as talk events of the following。(Although you do not need a reservation、Admission fees will be required。)

2016(Earth) 11 ~ 12 years when February 6、Lai River Naomi (Movie Writer)×有元伸也 
2016March 19, (Saturday) 14:-、Kotaro iizawa (photography critic)×有元伸也

Irie taikichi Memorial Nara City Museum of photography

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