Production evaluation of graduation 2016

And preparation of the exhibition has been going in the Kansai area in 5 days 4 nights。
First of all, in Osaka Visual Arts alma mater guested on evaluation of students graduation。Even students who criticize professors who have serious。7Evaluation of long hours could、Rather tired and became rather well。Genre instead of degrees、Good enthusiastic force made to the appreciation of fine is。


Teacher hundreds people, 2 teacher


Head of Department of modern photography Hundred 々武Teacher


Photographer / photo researcher / Takarazuka University Professor, Faculty of art and design intelligent, Naoya


Waiting to come work with students


Street snapped Abe Atsushi teacher Rob


And surprisingly (? ) Serious Red Deer MayaTeacher


There were many participants from sister schools Nagoya Visual Arts


This year's top prize、Works of students from the Taiwan forest hotels Akira-Kun

2 years of students ' achievements、Graduation production exhibition is being held at Fuji Film photo salon, Osaka Visual Arts Gallery 2。(~ 11 held)
Also、The graduation production exhibition 2/25-3/2 exhibition in Osaka Nikon Salon、3April 3-in a 3/30 session will be held in each of the Visual Arts Gallery, Osaka。Please。

For more information, click here.。≫ VAO photography department blog

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