Talk show in Nara vol.1

The highlight of the trip Kansai、On the first day of the exhibition、Talk show invited guest filmmaker Naomi Kawase。Is pleased that many visitors away immediately after the opening。It is now used world-wide to show films、It's actually from the who age old friends。Hundred people also got the Director of coordination, progressive talk in a relaxed mood from beginning to end、1 time had it gone between。Also thanks to the popularity of and participants in the event are over 100!。Sometimes a local show、It was also reunited with his old friend true, fuller 5-day。

Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, Osaka浦芝-Kun、Thank you for taking photos and images provided。





Photo by Urashiba Masashi

The next talks will be as follows。We welcome participation from many。

有元伸也Gallery vol.2
2016March 19, (Saturday) 14:-、Kotaro iizawa (photography critic)×有元伸也
Coordinator:Hundred people, two (Hotel Director)
Registration is not required, upon admission ticket

Irie taikichi Memorial Nara City Museum of photography

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