Tokyo Visual Arts Selection Photo Exhibition 2016


In the cold and rainy season、Today students exhibit installation assistance for up to Shinjuku Nikon Salon。
Graduation production exhibition was held in February.、This is due to review the winners of the excellent works exhibition。
Wall length given in advance a seller who had not been plotting their exhibition plans、When I opened the lid and、Almost everyone off wall power。Areas for the caption that I didn't think of it.。But it's young?、Unconventional、I think desire wants to lump。Is that love them and their works。
In no sense of unity、Exhibits to assert themselves please!

TOKYO VISUAL ARTS photography excellent graduation works works 2016
Venue:Nikon Salon bis Shinjuku
Exhibition:2016.3.15(Tue) – 3.18(Fri)
Time:10:30 – 18:30 * On the last day 15:00Until the
Artist:Liu Yi Jia / Arai Kohei / Yuji Arai / Shin-Jeong / Sho Tanaka / Entani Shin YUI / Dawis Homkrailas / Fujii Marcel / Maeda Ryosuke / Yang good Ting

Nikon Salon bis Shinjuku

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