Talk show in Nara vol.2

Todai-ji Temple February heralds the coming of spring in ancient temple Omizutori also finished.、3/19 became the Temple Mount wakakusa、To display dates in 2 second NARA。
Continue to talk with Naomi Kawase in last month、Talk show was invited to guest photography critic Kotaro iizawa。Iizawa from debut is unknown but、To talk in public is really the first time that。At times Mr. Kawase、Of the two main、Is a career as a writer, attitude and proceeded to talk on the subject of、To delve deeper into this photo express general information。As well as the last、Hundreds pace often performed under the coordination of the individual, 2. the Director。First of all, all seating stand for、While appreciating the exhibits through ages、Floor lecture format with hundreds people to interact with iizawa terms of Director。Hundred people amazing photo of me at one point one point episode Director, remembers precisely、The most impressive works that wishes to convinced me。In this conversation is very nicely、I think accurately conveyed to participants when shooting background。More from iizawa in portrait photography, such as the relation between figure and background、Questions about the structure of the photo and suggested an different approach.、Was able to show off from there in the drawer of my consideration no response while also。
And halfway around the venue so,、Seated in the second half tookushoo形-traditional。Works in Tokyo is the content of the story also revolves around.。Hand kneading by thanks to the both of them、I think this talk was wide and deep content。Could spend time, including questions and answers。Participants、Mr. iizawa、Hundred people, Director、Thank you to your staff。
Including the former student、There's many participants from the Kanto area、It is also possible。…… But、All the way all the way so very afraid of thought。While walking around the neighborhood at least feel charms of Nara.。

2This exhibition started from April 6,、In those early was just 6 days left。Who is going to miss something please。


Posters were posted throughout the city is exposed to wind and rain, have been fading in a good condition。

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