Driving to Nara for a take down

The final day of the exhibition and for carrying out some day、During the exhibition period to third。This time frame with glass to carry safely、Gallery membersKai, keijiroThe left Tokyo by car。The weather was good、New Tomei had just opened the road very smooth。Despite the slight jams arrive on time in Nara。
Over time, the ready stage and made exhibition、That would end a little bit lonely、Including a reunion and talk 2 times and local friends、Was a period of unprecedented。My eyes burn exhibition on the last day as well as to parents who are bumped。Kai-Kun had taken pictures of my parents and my three。
After closing time spent quietly in the exhibition、NARA Okuyama drivewayVia little mountain again。Kai-Kun who drove his car between Tokyo and Nara in the demanding schedule、My favorite place、Wanted to get experience the charm of Nara even a little.。Town of sunset from the Summit、We could see the ikoma mountains from the heijo Palace site。No NARA's temples and deer、In what is no charm.。
After check-in to stroll at night to the local tavern、Local sake "Karakuchi"In cheers。Tired of moving there、Soon around the wine、It was quietly went late in the evening in Nara。





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