Light Emitting Diode



TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERYFor many years issues、About the Gallery spotlight。Until now was using a halogen light is、There were some problems。Valve life short、It can distort the color temperature and illuminance due to aging、And above all a more expensive electricity bill。About the LED spotlight for meeting time had been named on the agenda of the、Until now I didn't make up their mind。Of course preparation of equipment investment costs were one reason that、From products fit the criteria more than anything else is not found easily.。As conditions below.。

-Illumination of halogen lights (tough conditions as a place to admire the works)
And E11 Cap (originally diverted to a socket for。In this small cap in light of the above products are extremely low)
-Core (shadow becomes multiple products that raise the wattage and put some LEDs, ugly)
-Dimmable (not even dimmer than、Non-dimming products are not even lights up in our gallery)

Testing some products、I could find the last qualifying products。Light, color rendition even light distribution perfectly!。Adopting a reflector on the back light does not penetrate, unlike the older halogen lights、Wall's work easier and。It is of course also the power consumption at about 1/10 of the halogen light electricity bill much cheaper plans。
But I think few people come to the gallery and ceiling look really really、Enjoy watching the works under the new lighting。

Currently in the Gallery members fuchikami thick photo exhibition is being held "no can do"。~ 4/10 (Sunday) exhibition。Please please。

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