A photobook making process, part 9

Print supervision:
And that his father who was a factory、Plant ornament I don't care about atmosphere、Love is a regular driving sound machine, the smell of the oil, such as。
For the presence of the print、I went to the forest park in Saitama on Tokyo sign book Pavilion's Tamagawa plant。
Each stage is of course important in photography of the production are、Print quality is still part of the writing and thinking。
After the arrival of factory、Before lunch, the afternoon started to work.、Wait until it is ready for the printing press while at the waiting room。Anteroom for the presence of is at most printing factory、Line art and photos printed in the factory。Wait time in、Photo Gallery out there spend hours hand books。But especially noticed by the average “Akio Nagasawa Publishing” From the Suda Kazumasa's has been released "fushikaden (full version)".。6X 6 format、Pictures of the time and conditions are similar, and that black and white。And also the photo album printing Director Noboru Takahashi Takayanagi。"I hope with this much quality printed!。", And turn the page while。It is the price of the current 54, 000 yen, huh?!、So can't buy.。At the very least the quality burn to the eyes and、While staring at the photos taken in hand、That was walking around the room, looking for a light source suitable for watching。At that time、The telephone entered from Suzuki's sales department。"Rose the one (4 minutes)、Check the thank。」
Into the factory and、Under a huge offset print machine outlet check lamp、Takahashi Takayanagi, a proud waited on the face。The finish instantly。Jaw-dropping!。Just earlier to stare "fushikaden" and no unchanging high quality!。Test printing than ink density is several steps up、In the deep shadow detail is reserved。And its finish、Coupled with the attachment to my photos、The goose pimples。While watching for me to get excited about、Takahashi Takayanagi's usual smile good proudly asks "what? 」
Excitement yaranu remains、Instant answer。"It is perfect! 」
Put up a sign beside the、From the printing presses again started playing sounds much、Looked at the finish in a comfortable space。

Photo exhibition with photos, 7/2-.。 “People persons photography (shashasha)” In the pre-order starts soon!
Photographer who held in high esteem on the first day、Hundred people and 2 teacher's host a talk show and opening party。Upon checking! → FROMEN FOTO GALLERY

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Takahashi Takayanagi, through Dundee's factory


For pictures of this hard work “B 5, 4 colors machines”


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