Installation has been completed and、Photos of the launch delay announcements


Roppongi “ZEN FOTO GALLERY” Photo exhibition held from 7/2 at “TOKYO CIRCULATION” The installation has been completed。From all corners of the Piramide Gallery、Posh Roppongi like atmosphere with looks at a glance and are not angry or cute pictures。The mismatch between。This place、We are proud in the sense of existence of。Day 17:00-The teacher hundreds people, 2 teachers and's talk show、Opening party will be held after that。Everyone join us please!

* Buy a book with photos of the launch delay announcements。
A photo album of the same name was produced according to this exhibition.、Opening had been scrapped due to circumstances。
On the day of purchase is truly sorry to the people who were interested in、Prepared reservation form as a workaround。
Only payment in cash on the day of、Special price8,0007500 → yen (sign book and tax、Shipping included) on a book purchase。
Pictures of the completed as soon as、With us, with free shipping will be shipped to your preferred address。Thank you。

* Completion of sample books only on the day we can provide。Take a look at hand Please finish。

AccordingShashasha (photo individual persons)At the special price we just extend the 7/14 book sales in the 7520 yen (sign book and shipping)。
On the day of your staff not convenient、Is available here。


2 thoughts on "Installation has been completed and、Photos of the launch delay announcements

  • I sit with ^ _ ^
    Birthday、Photo exhibition with congratulations! ^ _ ^
    And always I see he arimoto's blog、We are encouraged by。
    But I will visit last fall arimoto's solo、In circumstances beyond our control was not able to go away、It was too bad. Only this year!! ︎ thinking、Been busy at work, half a year has passed.(^◇^;)
    However,、I'm going to play hard and go ^ _ ^
    Speaking so we reunite 20 years Buri East Seiichiro in the spring.-(≧ ∇ ≤) to each other years was、20Speaking after years of、Was a very nice time ^ _ ^
    I go to see the arimoto's ~ ~

    • Do Eyelash
      Always thank the birthday comment thank you。
      This year overlap birthday with the opening of the photo exhibition、A lot of people received congratulations on double。

      East-Kun、Have not long been a ~。Matsu Usuki together、Want to see what it is。

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