And also of my new photo album "TOKYO CIRCULATION.、現在写真展を開催しているZEN FOTO GALLERYの出版物を一堂に会した「禅フォトブックフェア」が表参道の青山ブックセンター本店にて開催されます。Including pictures of me、Precious photos usually seen in general bookstores did not get is an opportunity you can see taking。Be sure to visit。

Zen Photo Gallery ever has published books together fair will be held at the Aoyama Book Center book store in Omotesando, Tokyo。
Zen Photo Gallery is opened as a Gallery specializing in photography of Asia including Japan 2009。And held numerous exhibitions、Has published exhibition catalogues and photos by photographer of modern Japan and China each time。35 Domon Ken award-winning Yamauchi Michio Usui discussions this year in DHAKA 2 and Kimura IHEI Photography Award-nominated "Showa 92'、And Tokyo that Bimbo was summoned "Performing for the Camera" group exhibition at the Tate Modern in the United Kingdom and C "Orphée"、Books we have published so far is well over 80 points。Also multi Yoshiko Nishimura "Shikishima".、Issei Suda "Tokyo 100 Japan'、Mao Ishikawa port Elegy、Seiji Kurata Flash Up, also said that has now become rare and difficult to obtain photos again in order to distribute、Reprint of this photo album、Or we put the power in the revised edition。In recent years actively collaborates with publishers abroad, such as U.S. Nazraeli Press and Little Big Man、Both drew together ideas and technology、Photos of making a new challenge。
In this book fair、Is our chance to know the track so far has been release Zen Photo Gallery Photo Gallery。Aoyama Book Center honten、Or come near Omotesando in Shibuya.、If you visit us I hope that。

Exhibition:2016July 22-8/31
Venue:Aoyama Book Center honten (Tokyo, Shibuya-ku Jingu garden floor in previous 55367 Cosmos Aoyama B2F)
Cooperation:Shooting people who shashasha (photobooksdistributer Zen)

7Also the exhibition started on Jan. 2, "TOKYO CIRCULATION" period 折ri返shimashita。~ 8/3 (Wednesday) held。The nave as far as possible in this week, and look forward to your visit of our。

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