My summer tradition、Photographer toyodachtshi, he's attended a slide show。Held in the courtyard of the art we love museums there is。
I saw for the first time Toyoda's slide show、More than 10 years ago。Since shocked the new video experience、Have been involved as possible in the event will be held in the Kanto area。2012So years later was moved to Japan from the United States-based、Increases the chance to join the future hope。
Running title of this is "spoonfulriver".。The piece that we saw in the previous、Because the configuration changes to screening、Always with a clean screen driver will take。1In the quiet hour、Footsteps of Toyoda, appearing in the dark and it disappears.、Relive the attentive gaze。During the screenings、The sound of the train far away、Cicadas will pull the surge、A soft wind shakes the screen occasionally、Gaze we spectators poured into the screen。Venue and surrounding environments are video and mixed natural getting created、A rare piece feel happy that you put in。This time I had good experience。Thank you Mr. Toyoda.。

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