New World of the night


For standing corridor of the loading work and the first day of the exhibition、I had to go to Osaka in one night two days。Advance preparation Ya of the gallery owner's 兒嶌 of、Thanks to the miracle technique that did not even know me (scales from the eye)、Exit is carrying work much ahead of schedule。Then I had taken the time to drink with friends in the Kansai。
Drinking in Mido Hon until about 11 pm、Check-in at the hotel of Tennoji that had booked on the net。When you try to、Check-in will exceed the time was a contact of confirmation several times, but was canceled because there is no response。And、I was told by the front。What is the system! ?。If not good enough convincing、Since his who had ignored calls from unknown number also there is a fault、Quietly withdraw wandering around the new world of the city。The result alright because cheap can stay in the lucky hotel with a free。Because in order to increase the rate of rotation, such as there is also a hotel that has taken such a system、Everyone also please take care。
The next day day of the week、Until Tezukayama Third Street with a gallery riding Hankaisen。Exhibition at Lime Light is made to the fourth time this year、I am grateful every time the hospitality and abundance and the quality of the visitors of the owner。It is away from the city center、Never access is not a good but this gallery、'S the reason I said so of each year have received an offer。There are also at the same time a lot of visitors and open this time、Me face to face that everyone is keen to exhibit work。Product sales, such as a photo album and original print also is as long as appreciate the strong from the first day。
The exhibition will be held up to 26 days (Sat)。Does not come true is standing transept of the rest of the schedule、We look forward to seeing you for many people during the exhibition。

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