Tadahiko Hayashi Award

On this occasion、We won the first 26 Kairin Tadahiko Award published the photo book in the "TOKYO CIRCULATION" in July of last year。
This work is a continuous exhibition which has been held over the TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY (below TPPG) in the past 10 years, which operates its own、Is a summary of the work that was exhibited at all 28 times of "ariphoto" series。The award did not come true is without activity in TPPG。
Thank always thank you everyone make it all the way to TPPG。Without your critics and supporters of the visitors of everyone was not able to continue this series。Also、Thank you everyone for publications and original print I received your purchase。It became a great deal of assistance in to continue the author activities and gallery management。And above all、Encounter on the street、I sincerely thank all of the people who undertook to stand in front of my camera。New exhibition at TPPG the future、Because it is committed to Yuku conducted energetically activities such as exhibitions at home and abroad around、Thank you for your patronage in the future。
It should be noted、Commemorative photo exhibition will be held in the following schedule。Please visit us in when came near。

· May 12(gold)~ May 18(wood)Fujifilm Photo Salon (Roppongi)
· May 26(gold)- June 4(Day)Shunan Art Museum (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
· November 27(Moon)- December 12(Fire)Hokkaido Higashikawa Culture Gallery

Tadahiko Hayashi Prize official site » http://www.hayashi-award.com
TOKYO CIRCULATION ≫ https://www.shashasha.co/jp/tag/tokyo-circulation

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