Liang Shuang Exhibition “East・North”

Liang Shuang Photo Exhibition "Anton North"
2017On March 7 (fire) - March 12 (Day) Open 12:00-19:00

Tokyo and Beijing、Two cities、The capital of the two countries。
For me of Tokyo lived in Beijing born、There is a sense of each of the two cities。
It is my duty to record the two of urban life in photos。
Looking at the history of photo、Street photo has been loved by one of the genre a lot of photographers who recorded the living conditions and age feature。
Beijing、Nostalgia、There not escape I wanted to separate away。
Tokyo、Modern city、Can not quite it wanted to enter the rich cultural atmosphere。
The meaning of each of the two cities has been bubbling up in more and more my mind while continuing to take the "East-North" project。
I love Tokyo and Beijing。
It has also love people who live there。

1990Year Born in Beijing
2011In Beijing City University graduate(Advertising design department)
2011Year Lomography Beijing branch office work(~2012)
2017Year Tokyo Visual Arts College graduate

Seminar students of continuous Exhibition、Ryo爽 of the second person is "American casual Chinese" (Liang Shuang) kun。From his first year of very Photo fan a study house、135mm、Brownie、4×5インチと様々なカメラを使いこなし、Has been making on a case-by-case basis changed work。
From among them、Tokyo and Beijing street snap photos by 135mm camera for this exhibition。before、Although there are that Iizawa Kotaro's photo critic has likened the work of Eric (born in Hong Kong) of the photographer and "would seem also to Hong Kong in any town and he is taking."、Ryo爽 taken was Tokyo Beijing also of kun、Both of the photos will not know which of the city。"The Chinese-ness"、"Japanese-ness"、The boundary and chaos of the "author-ness" your perusal please。
During the exhibition、All day with the author standing aisle We look forward to your visit of everyone。Once you let the frank defunct opinions I hope。Okkei is also in English in Chinese in Japanese。

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