Days of Darkroom

Overlap schedule of exhibitions、3First half of the month was the day-to-day to spend in a dark room intently。It is really a long time to do this only concentrate on darkroom work。10The finished print in the work of the day is about 160 copies in baryta of the whole sheet。Built up a mountain of examples expensive garbage (pop print)、Well into the bet go home become exhausted、To count the number of exposure time until in a dream、Plight that to calculate the exposure multiples of the grade of the filter。But this time you need、Since just cut that may have once print、Also it is struggling as much as the new、Work went smoothly without even the way stumble。inside that、I was reminded of the importance of the printing data while too late。But data that has been taken about graffiti when it is printed in the past、Exposing the output side of the enlarger、The sensitivity of the photographic paper、If you leave aligned and chemical condition、Is its high reproducibility surprisingly。Price-sensitive material and the chemical also soaring、Also you can not waste once printing paper as。Let Kokorogakeyo a more precise data collection in the future。

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