Amanda Thank you party

ZEN FOTO GALLERYIs an excellent director / editor / designer Amanda was supposed to be retired for eight years worked galleries of。So a writer who helped me to ZEN FOTO staff and now “Amanda Thank you party” Was Toriokona'。I am so involvement from the exhibition and photo book production of 2016、Although than relationship is shallow other writers、Still it became very indebted to the success of Amanda。Also look at every one of the gathered other writers、She is how to rely on、And whether beloved had is well understood。
It does not mean goodbye But in this。Also she is twice a week plays an advisor role to go to the ZEN FOTO future。Other than Mr. husband of east bright's “2Tesha” Management Ya of、Photo exhibition and photo album with personal name、And the organizer of and related events、We go to expand the width of more and more activities。You'll be sure the future will take care。

Thank you Amanda! And、It is best regards in the future!

This image photo all set by digital cameras of Mr. Usui。
Utsuru may be a no flash。

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