Photo Exhibition "ariphoto vol.29" was finished

有元伸也Photo Exhibition "ariphoto vol.29" has ended Womochimashite July 23。Everyone Itadakimashita visitors、Everyone I received your purchase of the photo collection、Thank you for。
Since the publication photo Collection "TOKYO CIRCULATION" in the last year of July、I was blessed with the opportunity to exhibit in various galleries and photo fairs at home and abroad。But on the other hand、TOTEM take down of the new exhibition at POLE PHOTO GALLERY "ariphoto" it had become neglected。The first place is also publishing exhibition is there if photo collection of "ariphoto"、Since why it did not lead to such award associated with it、It is up Yuku been active in the new exhibition in the future also TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY。
But it is immediately notice、The next exhibition "ariphoto vol.30" will be held on September 19 (Tuesday) to October 01 (Sunday)。The new photo book in conjunction with the exhibition "ariphoto selection vol.8" also will be published。Tight than ever before also production period。This summer also tough shooting is waiting。We walk around the midsummer of Tokyo street in the high-tech sneakers that had made。

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