Yuki Uchida Exhibition “Boso Wonder Island”

Yuki Uchida photo exhibition "Boso Wonder Island"
2017On October 17 (fire) - October 22 (days) Open 12:00-19:00

Prior to the Jomon period、Chiba Prefecture was partitioned completely and Honshu by a plurality of the bay "island"。
And I have traveled the Boso Peninsula、Meet at the moment when suddenly throbbing heart and Hayatokun。
In those little strange sight、But it appears to be in quietly quietly standing、It is very strong and lively and shining。
It may be that such since developed its own culture。
Nevertheless、Their appeal seems to shine that they themselves have issued。

1992Year Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture born
2017Year Tokyo Visual Arts student

In TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY from tomorrow、I am pleased to announce a solo exhibition of the seminar students of photo school to serve as a lecturer。
Uchida's authors would walk takes Chiba is the birthplace of itself (Boso Peninsula) from the time of the first grade。As there is also the title and caption、It captures the Boso Peninsula as one of the island、There is a thing to behold the eyes in sensibility to find a culture that has been nurtured in there as unique thing。
Many also exhibit number、Print of finish is also very best。You might comment of relatives favor、I think that was the exhibition with a spectacular。
During the exhibition、To author the gallery We look forward to your visit of everyone。Also for the growth of young photographers、Please tell us a frank defunct opinion。

※ 10 May 21 days during the exhibition (Saturday) 18:00〜、Toriokonai a party to celebrate the exhibition。Like anyone also please join us freely。
※ 会 場内 に て 展示 作品 を 収録 し た ZINE (B4 サ イ ズ、Monochrome 20 page、1,000We sell the yen)。Please see pick up。

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