10th anniversary party & slideshow

In this yearTOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERYIt became the 10th anniversary。With feeling of gratitude to everyone who supported until now、10Anniversary was held a commemorative party and members of the slide show。While the slide show in the gallery opposite the park has also been plagued in the valley of this season specific temperature and light rain that falls from time to time、We were able to exit safely there is also hot air of the people in the audience。Then the party also attended by really many people、We were able to spend the time can feel that it was good to have continued until now。Everyone that I had participated in the slide show and party、Thank you for。Also、We were pledged a lot of drinks and snacks。Here also together Thanks。
But 10 years is only one of the separator。Be able to deliver a also a good exhibition in every session from now on、Committed is that slide into push forward in the management and work production without loosening the members Everyone care。Thank you for TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY in the future。

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