Ended Fukuoka Exhibition

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Photo exhibition that was held at the Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka "Calcutta, Kathmandu, Tibet, Tokyo "has ended on the end of last month。Everyone Itadakimashita visitors、Thank you for。
This exhibition is sponsored by Kyushu Visual Arts is the alma mater of the series School、We will also not be held under the cooperation of the alma mater Visual Arts Osaka for such as the frame of arrangements、In addition, we received the cooperation Naru great deal to teachers and current students who also Kyushu Visual Arts to carry work and accept personnel。I would like to again thank you in here.。
Fukuoka stay of my own, but I was only two days、Beginning with students of the work review the meantime、Lecture to the preschool students、Lecture toward the current students、Floor lecture at the museum、In lots such as the reunion with old friends (drinking)、It was a very quality time。
Also someday、As we look at the work that has evolved in Fukuoka of everyone、It is willing to slide into push forward in the production。

※ The front row left side of the photo above of the alumni of the photo school days KenYasushikan。He served as a lecturer of Kyushu Visual Arts。

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