Train hate

There is no possibility of good and recent ride on the train。
Train story Following the day before yesterday。

Once again in returning home、As soon as this time we arrived at the station of Kichijoji。
When walking down the Home、Two men coming up the stairs of the front at breakneck speed。
Young Chapa Lehman and college students wind of youth。

Chapa Lehman escape。College students to follow。
I hopped on the train that Chapa Lehman has come now。
But、Not move from near the door because it is a crowded train。Door is not close。
Say the passengers of the father is the "ride Do not come!"。
Head butt with the college students run up on him in that place。
Blood splash splashing like in professional wrestling。
Down and dragging the Chapa Lehman from train、Start a scuffle in the home。

Enter the stop will not be looking to truly。
In fact, arbitration of the fight's the third time this year。
Why not stop anyone?

Entered divided between somehow、Separate the two people。Sukasazu Caution When you vomited rant。
I thought the kana have been considerably calm、
The Chapa Lehman referred to as "this guy is Tsu or Your buddy!"、
University students passing a Botabota and blood from head、When the prompt to go to the doctor "You Tsu would not matter!"
I was vomiting the words discarded in each。

Ahh、You do not you and nobody tried to stop since become such a thing。
Tomorrow is to go by bicycle。

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