Or ureshigari

In the middle of the night、I went to put out the trash。
But I truth do to be issued in the morning。
Since Puragomi a、And that around here is settle for the own judgment。

Since kinda far、Feet, of course beach sandals。
When returns heel、I like gloating sound。
I like feeling close to barefoot。
Good for the body is 摑 Takeno a thong。There is also a theory that。

Shorts + beach sandals of the might think that it is stylish even in the dead of winter。
These values are flush from what has been?
Anyway shorts even in the dead of winter since I was a kid。
It's was in Kazuto class。Such guy。

It has become soon cool、Go out wearing beach sandals。

One thought on "Or ureshigari

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    Sweat land of Guramichi、Corduroy land of
    Pants Hey astringent。

    To easy outdoor style of M teacher
    A little fidgeting。

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