Arimoto Wolf!

The other day、I seek a part-time lecturerTokyo Visual Artsso、There has been a long time in the classroom。
Made late in the lesson from this week's test after the holidays、Annual target of the seminar along with it was also the start。
The consumption of lecture is very the first time of the class。But even more so when it becomes their own seminar。

From the morning nine am to nine pm、And lectures and practical training in one day、
After the end of、Always full hook to go home with students and taverns as。

Lightly from the home page of the update work to bet。
In my head I was dimly good and fatigue、Looking back at the events in school。
Then、Disappear afloat students of face involved in the past、It appears also。

Between no less than seven years in the early ones、Has continued to this work two days a week。
In the meantime、Which would have been involved and only of students。
"Next year is where you are? 」
While I think and as every year、Also it had been continuing for a long time、I think it's because there has been an avid student of the request and expectations。

and again、While watching the earnest face of a newly met students、Day become gradually larger speaking voice。
Some of unbroken to continue relationship、Believes that not only now his。

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