But unhealthy but、Very important time

Midnight、While rain、Go out to suddenly walk。
Air Tsu gas、Appear blurred as streetlights of light is multiplied by the gauze。

To pop the built-in than Monoyuwa unexpected mouth、Frog collapsed lying on his back。
Whether they had seen a dream of flying in the sky、Invited to lights blurred in but ran out last、Run over by a car Pesshanko。
It is rain on the corpse。

At the entrance to the monastery、Mother Teresa has smiled a smile of compassion。
If she has been greeting、Suddenly passing shower has become stronger。I Zaa'。
From the other side、Empty approaching not Monoyuwa。Without bites umbrella。

I like to walk alone。
I like people who are walking alone。
From this beginning photo I wonder?
No、But from long ago。
Is also not obtained has sparkling and shining memories、Back figure that walks away with one tottering among the rain。
I own you are wandering want to meet。

Although Mushoni will want to take a photograph、I don't know how。
There is also such a day。

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