Homeless people

Last Chung Koji Photo Exhibition "Summer、We went to the related events of Osaka until "" Koji Onaka × Takeshi Dodo talk show "。
This exhibit、Onaka's is composed of a reprint of the photograph in the case of 29-year-old。(18 years ago because it is a current 47-year-old)
at that time、Onaka, who Omoita' Suddenly the、It aims to Osaka on foot。
"Kim was not、Around the time it had been thought that there is plenty。」
There is only recalled the、It seems to have been traveling at a homeless rightly so。
Takeshi Dodo we are repeating the same poor travel while shooting (currently 29 years) both、Flowers bloom in homeless story。
Mr. Onaka has cast a question toward the audience。
"People have camped out in? ~? 」
Instinctively raised his hand。

in Japan、In India、In Tibet、Early twenties had only homeless also I。
Truth、I do not the money but the place you want to go In the infinite、To quick save was the first homeless。

We slept in the rice fields in Akita Prefecture。Soil was comfortable soft。
In Naha, Okinawa is struggling with mosquitoes in a very stairs of super、Two weeks on the beach in Kumejima。
Cry fish sausage in the snow Furitsumoru winter of Hokkaido bus stop。
Regards "Sleeping Gypsy woman" of Rousseau in the Indian desert。
In the mountains of Tibet、While frightened to howl of the wolf、I went to bed clutching a knife。

Recently, at the campground of Okutama、Sleep in the dry river bed in bother one person to there is a Lodge。
Such experience、It does not be made to the flame of pride、It's not even to recommend the homeless to people。
Simply、I saw scenery that can not be seen from the place where there is a roof。
And the fear of darkness、I was able to experience the brightness of the star。
It was good that there is a "roof is something the night of rain still。I appreciate the "。

Among the home of bet。

West Tibet Mount Kailash、Homeless in the cave at the foot of the right-hand side of the cliff。

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    ( ゚∀゚)Noiyo - ©、Yu!
    It seems to have opened the gallery、Congrats!
    Eaves last on the list ~! Found Toko can contact at last! Or you do not know anyone I、Although ordeal might have forgotten because I did not contact a long time ...
    Cave of Kailash、It is Okapi we did together in Chamdo。
    We came back from last year China。now、I work in Osaka。

    If there be come to Osaka Contact Cho - Dinah! Let's go for a drink!

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    Although it may be because never had the eyes to die、Homeless is I like the feeling。I tired not be taken at all。

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