Lecturer of your work in today Friday school。Morning dark room、Responsible for the teaching of major seminar from noon。
12It is getting close to the deadline of the month of mid-graduation work、Second grade of the movement have finally become hurriedly。
Photographing、Print、Select、Show me、look、Trouble、Thinking、The shooting。
On campus、A look at the summary of the students to Uosao
"Life is long、Do you not Hurry。」
It's such a place that I want to say with、Also it seems irresponsible forsake it just。
If the ball lands once to society、It deadline is listening in every aspect。
Even if you choose the road that even if live away from the framework of society、It should not be easy to accomplish by setting the "My deadline" of when work production。
It will remain for now。
So、I dare say this。

"Life is long、Lightly beat with about graduation system go to the next! "

The time is ripe!

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